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“Nature of the Beast” is glass sculpture series by NFN Kaylan. Each portrait is hand-drawn by the artist and then laser engraved into more than 20 panes. This art technique is very similar to Xia Xiao Wan‘s 3D paintings.

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Notes about the artist (from bio):

NFN Kalyan is an Indian-American artist based in Miami. The son of a mathematician and a philosopher, his background is clearly reflected in his work. Despite having a B.A. in fine arts, he did not move into the field of visual creation right out of college. It was only after he married his wife, Bernardette, and the couple had a son that he resolved to pursue his passion.

Kalyan’s work showcases evolving techniques guided by his broad conceptual vision. This vision deals with a variety of intertwined ideas: death, reality vs. the imagined and iconic images known the world over. He sees the world in black and white although his interpretations are often so subtle that they appear gray until examined closely. With each work Kalyan completes, another more ambitious project has already been started.

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Photos © NFN Kaylan

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December 4, 2011 3D Glass Portraits Sculpture