The Tattooed Poster

The Tattooed Poster  (1)

Art directors Mathias Nosel and Steffen Baumgart envisioned a unique tattooed (calfskin) poster to promote Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio Munchen. The slogan for the campaign was “We got history under your skin,” which was illustrated with news related events from 2011. E.g. the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in April 29, 2011, the death of Amy Whinehouse in July 23, 2011, among other things.

Agency: Serviceplan campaign 3
Chief Creative Officer: Alex Schill
Executive Creative Officer: Christoph Everke
Creative Director: Alexander Nagel and Cosimo Moller
Art Director: Mathias Nosel and Steffen Baumgartl
Graphic Design: Kathrin Joba,
Film Footage: Mathias Nosel
Illustration: Christian Mittelmaier and Levent Aydin
Copywriter: Moritz Dornig
Account: Michaela Krietsch
Tattoo Artists: Alex Neumie and Maike
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Images © Christian Mittelmaier, Levent Aydin, Alexander Nagel, and Cosimo Möller

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