Cats, Disney and Anime: The Tattoo Art of Michela Bottin

michela bottin, tattoo artist at setubal tattoo show

The number of people constantly visiting Michela Bottin’s booth at the Setubal Tattoo Show was impressive, both children and adults were fascinated with her colorful flash art—characters from “Snow White,” “Star Wars” and plenty of anime films were all on the pages. The artist arrived the night before from Italy; her bubbly personality and love for art and others was present at all times. She, the newest addition in the World Famous Ink team, was there with various colleagues like Alle Tattoo and Neon Judas. Bottin’s style is both distinguishing in her physical appearance (with blackout tattoos and body modification), and her portfolio is consistently focused on cartoon-inspired tattoos. Watch the video interview at bottom of page to get a better grasp of who she is.

beauty and the beast tattoo flash art and tattooing
Video and Convention photos © Scene360
Tattoos © Michela Bottin
Film stills © respective studios
Adriana de Barros

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