Household Objects Largely Resized


“Macro” is a sculpture series by Romulo Celdran.

Notes from the artist (from his website):

The concepts of Zoom and Macro give the object new dimensions, strengthening its presence and inviting us to explore it, discovering hidden spaces and unnoticed nooks. They break down the physical laws that govern our logic as observers and place us before a growing world, with the same consequences that we would see as Shrinking Men walking through a reality made up of objects whose unsuitable size renders them functionally useless, existing on a scale that is no longer human. […]

celdran_02 celdran_01 celdran_03 celdran_04 celdran_05 celdran_06 celdran_09 celdran_08
Photos © Romulo Celdran

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Adriana de Barros

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