Walking on Air


It is hard to believe but these self-portrait levitation pictures are not created in Photoshop. Artist Hayashi Natsumi jumps in the air and takes a snapshot with a time-activated camera on tripod, or she asks a friend to take the photo instead.

Notes by Natsumi (from the “About” page):

– With a self-timer
EOS 5D Mk2 has a 10sec. timer as it’s longest timer set up. This means that I can get away as far as 10 second distance from the camera after I press the shutter release button.
First, I get a composition and a focus manually.
Then I press the shutter release, run to the right position for a levitation as checking the camera’s blinking red LED counts down 10 seconds and jump by my intuition.
In this manner, I need to jump over and over to get the right shot.

– Ask someone to press the shutter release button
When I take my levitation farther away from the camera than 10 second distance, I ask someone (mostly my friend) to press the shutter release button. First, I ask my friend to be a stand-in in a proper position to get a composition and a focus.
Then I go to the position to levitate, and my friend come to the camera (we switch our position) to press a shutter release button in time with my jumps.

h_natsumi_06 h_natsumi_04 h_natsumi_05 h_natsumi_07 h_natsumi_02 h_natsumi_08
Photos © Hayashi Natsumi

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August 17, 2011 Art Photography