Life Inside a Glass Dome


Artist Dominic Wilcox has launched a collection of adapted watches with miniature figures inside of them. Each art piece tells a different story from the “Seated Man” to the “Adventures of a Young Vegetarian.”

Notes by Wilcox (from his blog):

I’ve put tiny figures onto watch hands in order to create mini animated scenes. I had the idea last year during my Speed creating project, but decided it was too good to rush. 8 month later I showed a prototype to Dezeen and they commissioned me to make a collection. The watches use customised model figures and I also made objects, like a miniature looted LCD tv. The glass domes were specially made to fit by Wearside Glass Sculptures in my home town of Sunderland at the National Glass Centre.

Watch Keeper.”
Seated Man.”
Unrequited Handshake.”
d_wilcox_06 d_wilcox_02
Adventures of a Young Vegetarian; a small girl attempts to stop a butcher [from] chopping up a pig…”
Top: The full collection entitled “Watch Sculptures.”
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Photos © Dominic Wilcox

Link via Houhouhaha

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September 17, 2011 Art Miniature Recycled Storytelling