Delicate Paper Teacups

Paper teacup by Cecilia Levy (2)

Artist Cecilia Levy uses recycled book pages and glue to make a series of pretty teacups.

Notes about Levy (from bio):

After achieving an MFA in Graphic design 1991-95, Cecilia worked as a teacher in Graphic design at the College of Arts and Crafts in Gothenburg. Longing to work more by hand, she studied bookbinding for a year at Leksands Folkhögskola 2003-04. Combining the professions graphic design, bookbinding and illustration, she does commission work and is a member of the arts and crafts cooperative Kaleido in Uppsala, where her paper products are for sale. Cecilia teaches bookbinding to art and design students in schools around Sweden and holds workshops at Rum for Papper, Gothenburg, in Norway for members of Grafill (association for graphic designers and illustrators) etc. As an artist, she works mainly with paper, creating 3-dimensional objects from old books or drawing in pencil or ink. Her art is exhibited in solo and group shows in Sweden and abroad.

Paper teacup by Cecilia Levy (6)
Paper teacup by Cecilia Levy (1) Paper teacup by Cecilia Levy (3) Paper teacup by Cecilia Levy (4) Paper teacup by Cecilia Levy (5)
Photos © Cecilia Levy

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