Peacock Inked on Skin

Tattoo by Vince Villalvazo (5)

The tattoo art of Vince Villalvazo.

Top: A collaborative design by Matt Dunlap and Vince Villalvazo. Bottom: All other tats by Vince Villalvazo.

Notes about the artist: [1]

When Vince was a teenager he was fascinated with tattoos, getting his first tattoo when he was only 15-years-old, something he does not recommend. The fascination did not stop there. He began collecting tattoo magazines. Ten years after getting his first tattoo, he decided to get a professional one from Chico in Allen Park, Michigan. This experience re-ignited his interest in tattoos, “Chico inspired me to take a chance at a new career.” In 2005, he was finally given the opportunity to be an apprentice under Mark and John Madigan at Fat Brothers Tattoos in Highland, Michigan. “The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn.” When the opportunity came, he packed up and headed down to Georgia. “I began working here at All or Nothing in October of 2008, and the learning process is continuously evolving. I get to work with awesome artists everyday and constantly strive to improve myself in every way.”

Tattoo by Vince Villalvazo (4)
Tattoo by Vince Villalvazo (1) Tattoo by Vince Villalvazo (2) Tattoo by Vince Villalvazo (3) Tattoo by Vince Villalvazo (6) Tattoo by Vince Villalvazo (7)
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Photos © Vince Villalvazo
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