Intricate Origami Masks

Origami mask by Joel Cooper (7)

Origami craftsman Joel Cooper has been perfecting his folding technique for many years. Although, it looks like some of his masks use strips of paper weaved in one another, in reality, it is done with meticulous folds from a single sheet. You can view more of his creations at Flickr.

Origami mask by Joel Cooper (2)
“The piece above uses a “basket-weave” technique. On the back you would see large, “open-backed” hexagonal twists alternating with triangular twists. On the front you see the spaces between the folds as strips, and where they appear to weave is actually a twist fold seen from the back. A weave such as this not only looks nice, but it keeps all those intersecting pleats organized and helps the mask hold its shape.” [1]
Origami mask by Joel Cooper (3)
Origami mask by Joel Cooper (6) Origami mask by Joel Cooper (4) Origami mask by Joel Cooper (5) Origami mask by Joel Cooper (1)
1. "FAQ." August 19th, 2008. Retrieved on January 23rd, 2012.

Photos © Joel Cooper

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