Twisted Matter

Skull by Robert Lazzarini

New York based artist Robert Lazzarini is best known for his sculptures that represent everyday objects in a distorted and twisted fashion. Objects such as window panes, telephones and musical instruments are bent, torn apart, cut free, and put back together in the artist’s studio. These reconstructions have a way of disorienting our perception by flattening our field of view, and often looking less like 3-dimensional objects.

Chair by Robert Lazzarini Window by Robert Lazzarini Telephone by Robert Lazzarini Telephone Booth by Robert Lazzarini
Artwork © Robert Lazzarini

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Tosha Albor

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Tosha is a Filipino-American artist currently based in Morocco. She has spent the last few years developing her studio practice as a full-time painter, and has recently immersed herself into the world of illustration hoping to one day get the chance to work on an entire book. She... Follow the author @, and see more articles here.

January 10, 2013 3D Art Sculpture Skulls