Up in the Air

Flying house with birds by Laurent Chehere

Combining his skill as a photographer and his love for architecture, Laurent Chehere has produced an artistic series titled “Flying Houses,” which includes buildings floating up in the air like balloons. The images seem to resemble the house from Pixar’s movie “Up” (2009).

Flying house in pink sky by Laurent Chehere Flying house in flames by Laurent Chehere Flying trailer by Laurent Chehere Flying house with oval window by Laurent Chehere
Artwork © Laurent Chehere
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Tosha Albor

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Tosha is a Filipino-American artist currently based in Morocco. She has spent the last few years developing her studio practice as a full-time painter, and has recently immersed herself into the world of illustration hoping to one day get the chance to work on an entire book. She has exhibited in San Francisco, New York,... Follow the author @ and view more articles.

January 17, 2013 Art Photography