Who is the Girl in Red?

Little Red Riding Hood. Woman with Wolf by Shlomi Nissim

Yes, this is a real photo of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. I first thought it was a digital photomontage, but Shlomi Nissim is a pro wildlife photographer who confirms these are real pictures, and not edited. He does stage some scenes to achieve these folktale inspired images, another one is related with Pocahontas (viewed at the bottom of this post). “My love for nature has followed me since I remember myself, with its magical force, powerful predators, untouched jungles and captivating stories and fairy tales such as Mowgly and Tarzan,” [1] comments Nissim.

Water on Glass. Horses by Shlomi Nissim Lion predator, photo by Shlomi Nissim
Girl holding Lion on shouldersby Shlomi Nissim Great White. Lion photo by Shlomi Nissim Lying down with animal by Shlomi Nissim
1. "About." Shlominissim.com. Retrieved on March 13th, 2013

Photos © Shlomi Nissim

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March 13, 2013 Art Photography