Drawing Unhinged

I had a chance to speak with Bobby Rogers’ about his mixed-media art titled, “Unhinged.” It was made with graphite, charcoal, and ink, and then he uses acrylic and watercolor for other details. The last part of his process is adding digital elements via the computer. Most of his work is tipping to greyscale, and he explains why: “I think that color is used so frequently as a way to avoid truly expressing the tone of a piece. Because of this, I make color a secondary characteristic of my work.” His portrait is indeed intense and emotive, kind of like a visual poem, and that is directly influenced from his interest in literary arts.

Unhinged Bobby Rogers tools Close up of Unhinged by Bobby Rogers Watercolor examples by Bobby Rogers Unhinged
Artwork and photos © Bobby Rogers

Adriana de Barros

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