Food Art: I’ll Blow Your House In!

Jelly Bean Up in the Air Plate by Hong Yi

I have been following Hong Yi’s food art project on Instagram. She has been illustrating 30 dishes throughout a month’s time, and I recently featured some of work here, and now you can view the latest within post.

Top: “Three Little Pigs.”
Carnivore vs herbivore. Made of beef, spinach, and parsley.. By Hong Yi
“Carnivore vs Herbivore,” created with beef, spinach, and parsley.
Artic Melting made with ice cream on stick. By Hong Li
“Artic Melting,” made with a Magnum ice cream.
Circus with elephant made with Egg plant. By Hong Yi
“Circus” created with Eggplant. Watch a video of the making at bottom of post.
House and landscape made with cucumber
A landscape scene made from a single cucumber.
Owl made with Onions by Hong Yi
“Owl-nion!” Sliced onions.
Photos © Hong Yi
Adriana de Barros

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April 4, 2013 Art Food & Drinks Recycled