Yarn Graffiti

Geometric lettering by Hottea

Street artist Hot Tea wanted to make a creative impact with non-destructive materials, so he began using yarn, and then nails, suction cups, and stencils. His outdoor art is related with how things interconnect, and it can be associated to his alias: “‘Hot’ and ‘Tea’ are two totally different words, which brought together represent something new.” [1] And this is how he goes about combining a material to something existent in the city, like a fence, a bridge rail, and more.

See also: “Color Spectrum Pyramid.”

Street art near Hollywood sign by Hottea Double vision lettering on fence. Street art by Hottea
Nighttime photo with 3d lettering by Hottea Hottea lettering on bridge. Hottea working on an art piece
1. "Hot Tea." Vimeo.com. Retrieved on April 25th, 2013.

Photos courtesy of Hot Tea. 

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