Body (Calligraphy) Art

Blue and Black caligraphy on body by Ponkras Lampas

Warning: This post contains images with nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.

As graffiti tagging gets influences from calligraphy, sometimes the opposite also happens. That is the case with Pokras Lampas’ lettering which has a street-style formation in the mix. The artist is avidly focused on typography art, and his creations can be seen on t-shirts, building walls, and more.

Top: Photo © Masha Rastakaya.
Black and red caligraphy on body by Ponkras Lampas
Photo © Elnalima.
Street art calligraphy by Ponkras Lampas
Graffiti by Lampas.
Caligraphy on nude woman by Ponkras Lampas
Photo © Elnalima.
Street art wall by Ponkras Lampas
Photo © Lampas.
Black Caligraphy on girl with socks by Ponkras Lampas
Photo © Elnalima.
Photos courtesy of Ponkras Lampas

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