The Man with Rainbow Hair

Full shot of Kahlil Gibran in Rainbows

Using digital pens, James R. Eads has produced these colorful and rhythmic Goghish-style images. The famous sky spirals of “The Starry Night” are bluntly visible in a number of his work. And besides being skillful with digital art, Eads also has a noteworthy collection of traditional paintings on NY metro cards (see bottom of post).

Kahlil Gibran in Rainbows by James R. Eads Bedroom Wind, digital painting Close-up of Bedroom Wind by James R. Eads This is Betty's Place by James R. Eads james-r-eads-06
Top: Digital illustrations. Bottom: Gouache paintings on NYC metro cards.
Paintings on Metro cards by James R. Eads
Artwork © James R. Eads

Via James R Eads on Tumblr

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