Lorrie Whittington’s Sketchbook Art

Sketchbook drawing by Lorrie Whittington 2

I had recently featured a drawing by Brit illustrator Lorrie Whittington, and it received great response from readers on Facebook and Google+. And due to the interest in this artist, I am now showcasing more images from her sketchbooks. I also had a chance to speak with Whittington, and if she could estimate the time it takes to complete a full-page drawing, it would probably take 3 to 4 hours. However, she rarely does it in one sitting. “My sketchbooks are scattered around the house and in my bags, so I draw in them when I am not doing anything else, like finished work/commissions or housework.” Her inking techniques include stippling and crosshatching, and despite the varied subject matters from geometrical shapes to portraits, she seems most passionate about Nature.

Sketchbook drawing by Lorrie Whittington 3 Sketchbook drawing by Lorrie Whittington 7 Sketchbook drawing by Lorrie Whittington 6 Sketchbook drawing by Lorrie Whittington 5
Photos © Lorrie Whittington

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