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About a year ago, I had published JJK Airbrush’s anamorphic art in a post titled “Drawings Come to Life.” Since then, he has worked on new and complex illustrations, many of which continue to baffle spectators’ minds. Like the last image in post looks so simple with the shaded layers, but with the pencils over it… it is completely mind-bending! “I ripped some paper and drew some rocks on it. Now try to see this as a flat surface. And trust me…it is as flat as it can be,” [1] states JJK.

Anamorphic man pulling pencil by JJK Airbrush
Anamorphic planes by JJK Airbrush anamorphic 3D drawings by JJK Airbrush Anamorphic drawing with pencils by JJK Airbrush
1. "JJK Airbrush." Facebook. Retrieved on June 15th, 2013.

Photos © JJK Airbrush

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