Wolverine Attacks!

Wolverine jumping out of page. Anamorphic drawing by Izanagi Aadi

It looks like Wolverine is ready to pounce at us! Suspended in the air with claws all out, it is hard to imagine that this is really a two-dimensional drawing by Izanagi Aadi. The artist even shades the full page to create contrasting white highlights on the superhero. He uses materials like pencils, pens, erasers, and white pastel. Although this image is the best one from Aadi’s portfolio, there are other interesting examples like Asian comic characters fighting and Kung Fu Panda giving a high-kick.

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Wolverine by Izanagi Aadi Asian comic character fight. Anamorphic drawing by Izanagi Aadi Manga Cartoon drawing. Anamorphc by Izanagi Aadi Kung fu Panda. Anamorphic drawing by Izanagi Aadi
Photos © Izanagi Aadi

Adriana de Barros

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