Wicked Tattoos

Wicked Nun tattoo by Mike Moses

Mike Moses’ tattoos would make interesting t-shirt designs. His coloring and shading techniques are impressive, and it is worth viewing his sketches and paintings which are equally good. “There was definitely a time when I didn’t think I’d be a tattooer. I was in college, studying sculpture as a way to pursue my original interest of getting into special effects and set/creature design for movies. My sister had been tattooing for a good few years before me, so when I got offered the chance to learn, I took it… I’m still kinda shocked. Doubts about my career? Only every morning,” [1] he states. For those of you interested in getting inked by the artist, he is currently working in Brooklyn, NY.

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Owl tattoo by Mike Moses Woman in Heart tattoo by Mike Moses
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1. "Lost Prophet - Mike Moses." Bigtattooplanet.com. Retrieved on June 22nd, 2013.

Photos © Mike Moses

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