What the… Hand Paintings!

Pinocchio, hand painting by Guido Danielle

It looks like little Pinocchio is telling another lie, or just giving the finger. This is the latest project by Guido Daniele who has painted various hands to look like Batman, the Statue of Liberty, Queen Elizabeth II, and few other characters and things. The images have been photographed to be used in promotional posters for Toy Watch, and you can see a video of the making at bottom of post.

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Statue Liberty, hand painting by Guido Danielle
Batman, hand painting by Guido Danielle Queen, hand painting by Guido Danielle Snake with apple, hand painting by Guido Danielle Posters Pinocchio and Batman, hand paintings by Guido Danielle
Photos © Guido Daniele

Via One Eyeland
Adriana de Barros

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