Flower field in Holland

From the Hindu festival of colors in India, to the beautiful tulip fields in Amsterdam and the aurora in Norway—color is all around us! It is a magnetic force that attracts each one of us to attend special events, or to wait for specific days in the year to see a landscape and sky setting. Color, is truly inspiring and uplifting in our lives!

Top: A tulip field just outside Alkmaar in Holland. Photo by Allard Schager.
The Lonely Chanter by Sanjay Patil
The Holi celebration in India. Picture by Sanjay Patil.
Hot air balloons by Mark Jones
“Balluminaria” is one of the largest hot-air balloon festivals in the United States. The event is held at Eden Park in Cincinnati. Photo by Mark Jones


Self-portrait. Colored paint on face by Noam Galai
A self-portrait by Noam Galai.
Photo of aurora in Norway by Tommy Eliassen
A beautiful photograph by Tommy Eliassen taken in Høgtuva, Nordland, Norway.
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September 19, 2013 Art Color Landscape Photography