Ornamental Lace Tattoos

Marco Manzo Lace Back Tattoo

Lace is a timeless fashion accessory. And for tattoos, “timeless” is the ideal. A symbol of wealth and prestige for centuries, lace is soft, intricate, delicate. It began as a way to separate the classes, and today still holds an air of elegance. Modern tattooers are now adorning their clients with unique, ornamental artwork. It’s a permanent expression of gentility and grace.

A word to the wise, for the lace-tattoo-curious: study artists’ portfolios before you commit. Tattooers need a very steady hand to pull off such detailed designs.

Top: Ornamental lace back piece by Marco Manzo.
David Boggins Lace Feather Tattoo
White ink mandala and lace feather by David Boggins.
Kid Kros Lace Hip Tattoo
A Victorian inspired design by Kid Kros.
Dodie Lace and Roses Tattoo
Neo-traditional roses with Victorian lace by Dodie.
Marco Manzo Lace Leg Sleeve
Baroque leg sleeve by Marco Manzo.
Photos © respective artists
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