Polish Artist uses the Hand-Poking Method

geometric tattoo on arm by Karolina Czaja

Karolina Czaja is acclaimed for her dotwork, and although she tattoos with a modern machine, she is best known for applying a traditional technique of hand-tapping the ink with bamboo sticks taped together with a needle. Her designs are based on indigenous art from the Philippines, Samoa and beyond.

back view geometric tattoo by Karolina Czaja black and red arm tattoo by Karolina Czaja side arm tattoo by Karolina Czaja mandala tattoos, Karolina Czaja
leg tattoo black and red, patterns, by Karolina Czaja pattern tattoos by Karolina Czaja karolina-czaja-03 Karolina Czaja working on a tattoo
Photos © Karolina Czaja

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