Cute Images made from Ground Coffee

john lennon glasses and mustache by Liv Buranday

Instead of just sipping coffee, Liv Buranday began using the grinds as a way to express herself artistically. Using a toothpick she carefully places each bit (plus some leaves and accessories) on a white surface, creating miniature images of The Little Mermaid, Banksy’s girl with a heart balloon, and more.

parachute man leaf and coffee by Liv Buranday banksy girl with heart remake with coffee by Liv Buranday
instagram logo camera, coffee art by Liv Buranday little mermaid coffee and leaf by Liv Buranday heart leaf disintegrating by Liv Buranday peacock coffee art by Liv Buranday
Photos © Liv Buranday

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Adriana de Barros

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March 25, 2014 Art Food & Drinks Recycled