Polinsky’s Line Art

Pattern tattoo on arm by Brody Polinsky

Over the years Brody Polinsky moved on from tattooing in color to focusing on black and grey. His spontaneous mentality makes him a bit different from other artists who depend on stencils to help visualize their final designs. “I get into it by approaching each project loose to see what will manifest. The energy of the client affects the moment. I feel that spontaneity pushes me away from having a perfect stencil.” [1] This Canadian-raised tattooist is working at AKA in Berlin; and you can read a great interview with him at Sang Bleu.

hand and leg tattoos by Brody Polinsky line art tattoo cover up by Brody Polinsky pattern tattoo by Brody Polinsky
photographing client's tattoos by Brody Polinsky tattoos by Brody Polinsky Brody Polinsky drawing on client's leg
Rochat, Jeanne-Salome. "Interview Between Brody Polinsky and Jenny Hoepke." Sang Bleu. Feb 1, 2014.

Photos © Brody Polinsky

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