A Computerized Man Emerges from Wood Logs

portrait of a man in wood. quid by rocco pezzella

If you are in Amsterdam, you must check out Rocco Pezzella’s new art show titled “QUID” at the Kallebach Gallery. His collection displays futuristic shapes that look morphed from organic pieces of wood. Could this be an analysis of our human evolution? Pezzella doesn’t reveal much about his art other than it originated from experiments and traditional and digital tools. His work is indeed beautifully handcrafted, a bit old-school as shown in the video at bottom, but also marked with his current interests in motion and 3D computer graphics.

geometric shapes on small blocks. quid by rocco pezzella 3d geometic shapes in wood. quid by rocco pezzella human figures made in wood. quid by rocco pezzella tree trunk with geometric shapes. quid by rocco pezzella geometric shapes in rows, wood art. quid by rocco pezzella
another view of the trunk with 3d shapes coming out. quid by rocco pezzella block with geometric shapes. Like a dice. quid by rocco pezzella wood graffiti art, quid by rocco pezzella 3d shapes in word,quid by rocco pezzella 6 different colored wood pieces with geometric shapes, quid by rocco pezzella vullus, faces on wood by rocco pezella
 Images courtesy of Rocco Pezzella
Adriana de Barros

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June 16, 2014 3D Art Geometric Wood