The Glass is Half Full

Martín De Pasquale digital illusion

From his studio in Buenos Aires, Photoshop wizard Martín De Pasquale creates all kinds of digital wonders and illusions for the world to see. His work is witty and full of surreal flourishes, from invisible bicycles to lawn mowers cutting away a man’s beard. The human body is where he is most effective, transforming the everyday into the fantastic.

Martín De Pasquale clothes illusion Martín De Pasquale illusion bicycle Martín De Pasquale illusion screw Martín De Pasquale illusion mouth Martín De Pasquale illusion beard Martín De Pasquale Martín De Pasquale battery illusion drum Martín De Pasquale carrot
All images © Martin de Pasquale

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Christopher Smail

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