Insanely Good 3D Graffiti by Odeith

word odeith in 3d anamorphic graffit by odeith, portugal

Portugal’s street art has really evolved over the years with an impressive number of artists, and you can see some of their work on websites like Stick2Target, Mr. Dheo, and Underdogs. One of the household names is Odeith, a graffiti rider since 1996, spray painting cabinets and walls in railway routes. An innovator for using perspective illusion to compose pop-out letters on different surfaces.

Despite the illegal nature of graffiti in the modern era, much has changed for some writers in the last decade. Odeith for example, has created art for companies like Shell, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Estradas de Portugal and S. L. Benfica.

crazy glowing red and grey lettering, graffiti by odeith blue and yellow lettering, graffiti by odeith red paint splatter letters, graffiti by odeith
various colored graffiti by odeith 3d letters, geometric by odeith, graffiti mural by odeith pink 3d letters on indoor wall, graffiti by odeith silver 3d lettering on wall, lisbon, by odeith artist odeith working on a mural
Photos © Odeith

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Adriana de Barros

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