Grim Gargoyles and Superheros: The Art of Alex Ross

grim Gargoyles, by alex ross

Often referred as the “Norman Rockwell of Comics,” Alex Ross is an acclaimed comic book artist who has illustrated more than 1,000 pages and covers in the course of 30 years. His newest work includes six paintings of Batman and Superman, each superhero posed in mid-air with a splendid backdrop of griffins and skyscrapers. These images can be purchased as signed limited edition prints at Castle Galleries.

Alex Ross, Superman Forever Superman Forever The Alex Ross Collection £695.00 •Available Alex Ross, Descent On Gotham Descent on Gotham The Alex Ross Collection £695.00 •Low Availability Alex Ross, Look!
Look! Up in the Sky! Superman by alex ross Batman: Dark Knight Detective by alex ross Descent on Gotham, by alex ross art prints by alex ross, from castle galleries
Images courtesy of Castle Galleries, © Washington Green Fine Art
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