Kamil Mokot’s Sketch-Style Tattoos

bat totem by Kamil Mokot

Not too long ago Petra Hlavackova and Jubss Lili Contraseptik were featured for their drawing-style tattoos on the Illusion website, and it is a good time to share another artist with you. Kamil Mokot is an artist who uses the tattoo machine as if it were a pen, seriously, his lines are irregular and the final artwork looks like he was doing a few rough sketches in a Moleskine notebook. If you like his visual style, you can find Mokot working at Glorius Ink Tattoo in Berlin, Germany.

sphynx cat tattoo by Kamil Mokot bird on rib cage, tattoo by Kamil Mokot
wolf painterly tattoo by Kamil Mokot sketch-style bird tattoo by Kamil Mokot jelly fish and impossible object tattoos by Kamil Mokot
All photos © Kamil Mokot

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September 7, 2014 Art Body Art Tattoos