The Dark Art of Kavan the Kid

creepy lady with eyes covered, photo by kavan cardoza

Kavan Cardoza aka “Kavan The Kid” is a music video director and photographer based in Los Angeles. His photographic work is expressive and creepy, like “Monster in the Dark” (above) of an old lady who could steal the show in horror film “Insidious.” Other images such as “God’s Outcasts,” “A Vanishing Soul” and “Burning from Inside” all seem to be related with an artist who feels marginalized and sometimes lost inside. Although Cardoza once majored in Psychology at Boise State University, he dropped out because he knew he could express his feelings better through film and photography.

dollar signs painted on eyelids, photo by kavan cardoza wicked nurses, photo by kavan cardoza spooky red man and masked men, photo by kavan cardoza
mud and face and hands, photo by kavan cardoza antlers on masked man, photo by kavan cardoza man hanging by strings, photo by kavan cardoza spooky baby mask on man with balloons, photo by kavan cardoza
Photos © Kavan Cardoza

Adriana de Barros

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