Calligraphy Tattoos by Sadhu Le Serbe

arm lettering tattoo by sadhu le serbe

The fact that he was already a calligrapher was an advantage for his transition to becoming a tattooer years ago, not only doing amazing scripts on paper, but also on human skin. I’m talking about Sadhu (aka Le Serbe) who has had past experience working as a letter artist, painter and graphic designer; currently working at OldSerb Tattoo Club. He has a great sense of fluidity—which is common in letter artists—his scripts well-positioned and harmonious on the body. Bold yet graceful, his use of black ink for his tattoos is the perfect choice for his art style.

calligraphy lettering tattoo, blackwork on body caligraphy tattoo on hands by sadhu le serbe beautiful blackwork on hand by sadhu le serbe blackwork on neck
script on ribs by sadhu inspired calligraphy by sadhu painterly skull tattoo sleeve by sadhu le serbe painting style tattoo with flowers by sadhu portrait on leg, black ink by sadhu le serbe
Photos/artwork © Sadhu Le Serbe

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