Gabriel Picolo’s Fun Sketchbook Art from 2015

yellow umbrella girl,  moleskine art by gabriel picolo

He started off with the 365 day doodle project and quickly became known for these black-ink drawings of Anime and video game characters. But now the illustrator from Brazil, Gabriel Picolo, has stated that 2015 would be his most colorful year. So he’s implementing color to new Moleskine sketches using programs PaintTool SAI and Photoshop CC. He mixes both digital and traditional art media. And his final work like the cats in sushi rolls and vampire lovers have captivated his fans even more due to the vibrant painterly fills.

white deer, moleskine art by gabriel picolo guy playing guitar,  moleskine art by gabriel picolo
cat sushi rolls, moleskine art by gabriel picolo ed forest moleskine art by gabriel picolo  moleskine art by gabriel picolo romantic couple kissing, sketchbook art by picolo
Images © Gabriel Picolo.
Adriana de Barros

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