An Eye for An Eye: The Perspective Illusions of Michael Murphy

eye at far,  anamorphic illusion

You may remember TIME’s 2012 “Person of the Year” magazine cover with a portrait of Obama—the image created with strings and cardboard cutouts by Michael Murphy, an American sculptor living in Brooklyn, NY, acclaimed for his illusional artworks. The artist has been featured on too many print publications to count; his pieces displayed in outdoor public installations and private collections in the US and Europe, and he’s also been commissioned by TED+Target and Nike. His recent anamorphic creation is “Perceptual Shift”—a 3D halftone sculpture of an eye that was made with 1,252 wood balls, paint and braided fiber—which is being displayed at the Image Gallery in New York.

side angle of eye,  anamorphic illusion perspective illusion art perspective illusion eye dots form an eye
united states, country,  anamorphic illusion
USA country guns form the usa continent,  anamorphic illusion machine gun, black,  anamorphic illusion perspective illusion machine gun side view of gun,  anamorphic illusion
cross in church, perspective illusion catholic cross, anamorphic illusion
Images © Michael Murphy

Via Junk Culture and Cross Connect Magazine
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