The Photorealistic Drawings of Nicole Rebbert

green and blue hummingbird, hyperrealistic drawing

Succulent burgers, ripe cherries and other delicious foods. Then there are the movie characters from “Star Wars” to “Minions.” All of this illustrated by Nicole Rebbert who uses colored pencils, pen and marker on paper. The artist has a favorite subject matter: Loki, the archenemy of Thor (portrayed by actor Tom Hiddleston in the Marvel movies) has been drawn numerous times in multicolor or blue hues, all complexly shaded. Portraits that can take up to 32 hours to complete.

hamburger, hyperrealistic drawing bald eagle, hyperrealistic drawing
cherries,hyperrealistic drawing darth vader, hyperrealistic drawing loki, hyperrealistic drawing loki (tom hiddleston) and r2d2 and 3-cpo, star wars hyperrealistic drawing
Images © Nicole Rebbert.
Adriana de Barros

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November 19, 2015 Art Drawing Hyperrealism