Don’t Shy Away From Love: The Poetic Photographs of Anna O.

stay warm by my cheek, anna o.

I would fall asleep snuggled in the scent you left,” the title of one of Anna O.’s pictures. Is the self-taught photographer referring to just the flowers, or a person? Her poetically narrative titles are a trademark, giving depth to her conceptual shots of women ornamented with daisies, pom-pom hydrangeas and other blooms. They shy away from the camera (another trademark), delicate and open-hearted souls showing their emotions through their bodies and the plants they hold. “Stitched to my heart,” “memories, poems, wounds, dead flowers.”

girl hiding behind white flowers flowers over breasts flowers on clothes line birthday cupcake with candle on woman's back
woman holding tulips, photography opening blouse, flowers on chest flower aligned with body flowers on thighs flowers giving warmth. still life, woman on table
Images © Anna O.
Adriana de Barros

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