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There are logotypes that you have probably looked at, but didn’t realize if you rotate one in 180º degrees that it still spells the same word. That was the case with “Oysho.” I’ve been to their store many times, however, never realized their logo was an ambigram.

Top: “Filly” by/© BarbaRoja.
Ambigram Logo (2)
“DeLorean Motor Company” by/© DMC.
Ambigram Logo (6)
Edoga” by/© Arnas Goldbergas (a.k.a. Matto).
Ambigram Logo (3)
Anouk” © Anouk. Designer unknown.
Ambigram Logo (1)
“Cheap” by/© Peter Orban.
Ambigram Logo (5)
“Philosophy” by/© John Langdon.
Ambigram Logo (8)
Kasey” by/© Bilebo.
Ambigram Logo (7)
“Oysho” by/© Inditex Group.
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November 8, 2011 Design Logotypes Typography