Hand-Stitched Wallpaper

Kaylee Hibbert (6)

These are incredible sewn pattern designs by Kaylee Hibbert.

Kaylee Hibbert (2) Kaylee Hibbert (5)
Below: View three drawings for the preparation of stitched wallpaper.
Kaylee Hibbert (1) Kaylee Hibbert (3) Kaylee Hibbert (4)
Top: “The concept of applying textiles to interiors in alternative ways was developed into a series of wall panels. I became interested in using my designs to add movement to the space. Hung in a curve they become dynamic and sculptural. I have gone on to develop a series of flat designs for wallpapers that create an illusional effect making the 2 dimension appear 3 dimensional,” notes by Hibbert from her website.
Photos © Kaylee Hibbert

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November 24, 2011 Design Geometric Patterns Sewing