Civic Crown made from Knives

Caesars Campaign (6)

Creative director Mike Ferrer wanted to make the Caesars Entertainment Corporation logo out of various objects such as knives, high-heel shoes, round stones, and more. Each object represented an aspect of the brand from celebrity chefs to spas.

Creative Director: Mike Ferrer
Copy Writer: Mark Bielik
Art Buyer: Shannon McMillan
Photographer: Adam Voorhes

Notes about project: [1]

After Mike finished having his brilliant idea, he was struck with a dilemma; how on earth would he pull this off? He wanted it to look real. That’s something objects just layered in Photoshop aren’t going to achieve. And something only a select few, very expensive, very busy CGI artists can pull off…. So?

Art buyer Shannon McMillan to save the day! When this landed on her desk she knew; Adam and Robin. Are they brilliant CGI artists? No. Can they line up some knives to form a logo AND light the heck out of those knives? Damn right they can!

Caesars Campaign (5) Caesars Campaign (3) Caesars Campaign (4) Caesars Campaign (2) Caesars Campaign (1)
1. Voorhes. "Caesars Campaign, no CGI required." February 10th, 2012.

Photos © Adam Voorhes

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