A’Design Award: Calls for Submissions

Trophy of the A' Design Award and Competition

We are sponsoring the 2012 A’ Design Award and Competition, an event that highlights the best of the best in design, architecture and arts. If you have a great idea for an innovating project, you should enter the contest in one of the 40 different categories. From packaging and furniture design to photography and sculpting, the list is vast and most likely includes something of interest for you. Calls for submissions are open until March 22nd, 2012. All winning concepts will be announced on April 15th and showcased in various locations in Italy. Last year’s winners attended the gala ceremony at the beautiful village of Gallia (right beside Lake Como), where they mingled with over 200 guests including industry leaders and press members.

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adesign 1
Top: The award-winning designs were showcased in a Italian gallery.
adesign2; Winners of the 2011 A'Design Award and Competition
The winners of the 2011 A’Design Award and Competition.
Photos © A'Design Award and Competition
Adriana de Barros

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