Become a Bird with this Fashion Accessory

owl scarf by shovava (etsy)

There are a lot of people fascinated with owls—collecting them in all sorts of ways from crystal figurines to wood sculptures. And then there are many of us who just like birds in general and would love to strap on some wings and fly somewhere cool. The closest we can get is sitting in an airplane, paragliding or wearing a wingsuit. Maybe we thought we saw it all, but there are also silk scarves with beautiful bird wings that are elegant to wear and also give us a liberating notion that maybe we could fly. The scarves are hand-printed and being sold from $48 to $170 in Roza’s shop at Etsy.

black wing scarf by shovava (etsy) beautiful bird wing scarf by shovava (etsy)
woman opening arms with bird wing scarf by shovava (etsy) exotic bird scarf by shovava (etsy) bird wing scarves by shovava (etsy)
Photos © Shovava

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