Op Art and Fizz: Illustrations and Animated GIFs by Karan Singh

bottle and liquid, gif, Sagmeister and Walsh for Appy Fizz!

Similar to the bright Hadeko fashion style in Tokyo (selecting a few basic colors and repeating them throughout the ensemble) is Karan Singh’s illustrations of repeated colors and patterns. The Aussie known for his “playful interpretation of minimalism” moved to the metropolitan prefecture of Japan and has continued working with international clients like Appy Fizz (in collaboration with Sagmeister & Walsh), IBM, and Refinery29. Polka dots and stripes are recurring elements in his 3D rendered world that heavily nods to Op Art.

fruit bowl gif, Sagmeister and Walsh for Appy Fizz! apple, gif, Sagmeister and Walsh for Appy Fizz! bottle dripping liquid, pop art melted ice cream dog days, pool and beer can
broken ladder, red background, illustration album cover art, heart and lips pool, op art, poster design with moving dots snake over shoulders, girl and guy, dots snake over shoulders, book pages jars and dots, animated gif 3d toy dog, stripes, gif
Images © Karan Singh
Adriana de Barros

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