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Sleep Elevations: Peaceful Surrealism by Maia Flore

Maia Flore, Sleep Elevations - swing

Maia Flore is a Paris-based photographer whose thought-provoking images explore the “coincidences between reality and her imagination.” Featured here is a selection for her first series, titled “Sleep Elevations,” which was inspired by the artist’s childhood memories. Blending soft, feminine imagery with surrealism, the sleeping women are gently lifted across peaceful landscapes, their bodies light as feathers. Released from the weight of the world, they surrender with trust to their new surroundings. Visit Flore’s website to view more of her beautiful projects, which explore French heritage, inventive methods of narration, and more.

Maia Flore, Sleep Elevations - lace cloud Maia Flore, Sleep Elevations - floating above the bed
Maia Flore, Sleep Elevations - balloon Maia Flore, Sleep Elevations - lamp shade Maia Flore, Sleep Elevations - antlers Maia Flore, Sleep Elevations - colorful balloons
Images © Maia Flore
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