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A Pet, Skull and Alien

realistic dog tattoo on arm by Andy Engel

Recognized in Germany and throughout Europe for his photo-realist style, Andy Engel beautifully inks someone’s pet portrait in a lifelike way on the skin (see above). In the tattoo examples shown below, he superbly shades and colors skulls in a refined manner as if he were painting with oil or using colored pencils. One of my favorite tattoos is the 2nd one down, which is clearly sci-fi related, a wicked Giger “Alien” that looks like it is melding out of a client’s forearm.

3d skull on hand by Andy Engel goth skull metal and skull tattoos by Andy Engel death skull tattoo by Andy Engel
Photos © Andy Engel
Adriana de Barros

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November 20, 2013 Art Body Art Tattoos