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Cisco’s Outline Style

chest tattoo by cisco (ltw studio)

Having recently featured Javier Rodriguez’s tattoos, here is another great artist (Cisco) from the LTW studio in Spain. The latter artist is not only a tattooer but also a well-known graffiti artist, whose artistic style is a mix of old-era imagery with colorful cartoons. You can see a bit of that crossed over to his tattoo work, however, he mainly does monochromatic designs with a small amount of shading.

ship and lighthouse, linework, tattoo by cisco (ltw studio)
art inspired by alphonse mucha.  tattoo by cisco (ltw studio) forest on arm,  tattoo by cisco (ltw studio) tiger and astronaut on arms, by cisco (ltw studio)
Photos © Cisco
Adriana de Barros

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March 6, 2014 Art Body Art Tattoos